360: Virtual Reality Room

360: Virtual Reality Room


Available to view by appointment, 360: Virtual Reality Room invites you to explore artists’ VR works from the Zabludowicz Collection. As some of the works require a specific set up, please let us know in advance which works you would be interested in viewing.

Filip Kostic
Executable Experience, 2017
From an office desktop to a fantastical landscape with flying dragons, to a floating digital rendering of a Hollywood actor, Kostic’s multi-layered VR experience probes the philosophical possibilities of the real and the imaginary and how we create meaning.

NAUSEA, 2016
Produced in 2016, NAUSEA brings together six of today's most exciting contemporary artists to create work in response to the Virtual Reality technology available at the time. Seven months of collaboration culminated in an exhibition that explores various notions of virtual perception, interaction and aesthetics. Users can navigate work by Eddie Peake, Florian Meisenberg, Anne de Vries, Ruben Grilo, Jack Strange and Anna K.E. through an innovative system of portals controlled by their actions in real time and space.
The NAUSEA VR exhibition is curated and produced by Philip Hausmeier of Metaphysics VR.

Rachel Maclean
I’m Terribly Sorry, 2018
The artist’s first VR work made in collaboration with Werkflow and commissioned by the Zabludowicz Collection for Maclean’s 2018 solo show. The work is an interactive experience set in a dystopian urban British landscape of manic tourist merchandise, it reflects on societal unease and misunderstanding in a culture of voracious documentation, self-performance and voyeurism.

Rachel Rossin
I Came and Went as a Ghost Hand (Cycle 2), 2015
The work brings the viewer inside a world of fragmented images taken from Rossin’s everyday life, her home, studio and paintings. Users are floating in space, encountering sculptural and architectural objects in a disembodied almost ghost-like manner. Mapping the viewer’s gaze in the VR, the resolution of these spaces decays over time increasing the sense of intangibility of the virtual space.