Adriano Costa

Adriano Costa
Adriano Costa, From My Body Comes, Through Your Body Goes, 2009-12. Installation view, Adriano Costa, 2014 at Zabludoiwcz Collection, London. Photo: Stuart Whipps
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Through an intuitive approach, which he compares to the rhythms of music, Costa composes shapes and textures that are often subtle, yet full of narrative possibility. The boundaries between art and non-art objects, and the distinction between the throwaway and the precious are actively questioned. While working in the lineage of 20th century abstraction and installation such as Brazilian Concrete and Neo-Concrete art and Italian Arte Povera, Costa pursues an irreverent, and very current, path.

In the installation From My Body Comes, Through Your Body Goes, 2009–2012 materials such as brightly coloured towels, bronze cast plaques, black umbrellas, gold coated rubber and collaged tourist T-shirts are deftly combined to suggest unspecified symbolic meanings. Presented in the Middle Gallery, Costa reactivates this group of works in relation to the traces of its past use.


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