Disappearing Into One

Disappearing Into One


Sleight of hand is a set of techniques used to manipulate objects and covertly misdirect an audience. It is based on an idea of spectator failure and the suspension of disbelief necessary to convince oneself into perceiving the illusion as magical. The art works and curatorial framework of Disappearing Into One question whether we can understand art as operating through this same process: as a switch, a transformation or even a physical anomaly. In the end, is it possible that a flourish of the hand can enable meaning and production at the point of encounter?

Newly commissioned artworks engage and intersect with works from the Zabludowicz Collection creating unforeseen connections and tangents.

The exhibition includes works by 14 artists from the Zabludowicz Collection and six others including five newly commissioned works for the show. Exhibiting artists include: Ulla von Brandenburg, Laura Buckley, Susan Collis, Michael Dean, Ryan Gander, Falk Haberkorn, James Ireland, Alicja Kwade, Edgar Leciejewski, Nobuaki Onishi, Damien Roach, Erin Shireff, Keith Tyson and Guido van der Werve from the Zabludowicz Collection along with Nicole Bachmann, Andrej Bako, g.bridle, Lindsay Seers, Luuk Schröder and Oliver Lee Terry.

The exhibition is accompanied by a public programme which begins on Saturday 19 January, with an interactive workshop by artist Ruth Beale from 2pm on the linguistic and sociological ideas of Raymond Williams (1921-1988, UK). Using Williams' seminal work Keywords, participants will explore the changing meanings of vocabulary used in discussions of culture. Later that afternoon from 4pm, artists Ruth Beale, James Ireland, Catoke Kramer and Damien Roach will be in discussion with the exhibition's curators. Artifice and Illusion' will discuss the ways in which artists misdirect and orchestrate the production and presentation of their works. Disappearing Into One closes on Sunday 27 January with a special tournament, 'Grand Final' by artist David Blandy from 3-6pm.

As part of the fifth annual Testing Ground for Art and Education season at Zabludowicz Collection, Disappearing Into One is a curatorial collaboration between students on the MFA Curating courses at Goldsmiths College, and this year, for the first time, Chelsea College of Art. Disappearing Into One is collectively curated by Sasha Burkhanova, Louise Chignac, Karina Dar Juan, Iben Elmstrøm, Stephanie Neoh, Helena Palomero Gorrindo, Emily Purser, Ravian van den Hil, Lucy Rollins and Jiaxue Zhang.


University of the Arts London
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