Glenn Ligon loan to the Kunsthalle Bremen, Germany

Glenn Ligon, Stranger #26, 2006
Glenn Ligon, Stranger #26, 2006


Zabludowicz Collection is thrilled to loan Glenn Ligon’s Stranger # 26 to the Kunsthalle Bremen for the exhibition Animal Revolution: The Bremen Town Musicians in Art, Kitsch and Society.

The Kunsthalle Bremen was built more than 160 years ago near as the first independent house for a public collection in Germany.

The exhibition attempts to shed light on the journey of four animal protagonists, from historic precedents to the fairy tale, from written word to visual forms, from the city to the museum and from Bremen to the World.

This exhibition will run until 1st September 2019 where you will be able to see Stranger #26 alongside works such as Maurizio Cattelan’s sculptures Love Saves Lives, 1995 and Love Lasts Forever, 1998.

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