Katy Stubbs loan to Burton at Bideford

Katy Stubbs loan to Burton at Bideford
Katy Stubbs, Blue Pot (Price Choppers), 2018


Zabludowicz Collection is delighted to lend Katy Stubbs', Blue Pot (Price Choppers), 2018 to Burton at Bideford's latest exhibition: Welcome To My World: ceramics with narrative. Featuring 35 artists, the exhibition addresses cultural, social and political issues through the medium of clay, each artwork with a unique story to tell.

London-based artist Katy Stubbs uses her hand-built ceramics as a platform to engage with the traditions of storytelling, enticing the viewer to take a closer look at the intricacies and messages they hold.

This exhibition will be on view until 6th October 2021, for more information please visit Burton at Bideford's website.