Shira Zelwer at Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Shira Zelwer at Tel Aviv Museum of Art
Shira Zelwer, Greater Flamingo, 2022. Courtesy of the artist, Zabludowicz Collection, and Mirav Katri, Tel Aviv. Photo: Eitan Zelwer


The Zabludowicz Collection is delighted to loan Shira Zelwer's Greater Flamingo to the Tel Aviv Museum of Art as part of their exhibition 'Shira Zelwer: Gathering of Birds'.

Four hundred birds made of wax stand still on the gallery floor, each sculpted and handpainted with meticulous attention to each feather. Shira Zelwer presents a selection of 86 bird species observed in Israel, based on the book Birds of Our Land Atlas. Wax is a stable material that is also soft and pliable, and always in danger of melting, qualities that may be seen as analogous to human vulnerability. The artist uses it to create a parable about place, identity, and belonging.

Further information on the exhibition can be found on the Tel Aviv Museum of Art website.