DFW: Chevel

11 June 2020

DFW: Chevel

Dario Tronchin AKA Chevel for DFW
Zabludowicz Collection
Curated by Mamiko Motto
Broadcast on IGTV 11 June 5PM BST

Chevel is the main pseudonym of Dario Tronchin (Italy, 1989) a techno DJ, label owner and producer whose works range from hypnotic, minimalist floor-fillers to glitchy, intricately programmed experiments. Originally from Treviso, Tronchin moved to Berlin in 2008 where he spent two years, which had a drastic change on his sound. After this formative period his music was released on Stroboscopic Artefacts and Non Series, Tronchin launched his own label Enklav, formed by a group of like-minded musicians and home for futuristic sound experiments – meanwhile DJing and performing live in clubs and festivals such as Atonal and Berghain. He has been described as “a young producer not just making techno but taking it apart, rearranging it, breaking it.” In early 2018, Tronchin released his fourth studio album on the London-based label Different Circles where he presented his own take on the distinctive “weightless” sound, coming from a techno and house angle. Glass Works, his new 3 Track EP will be released by GASS in July. Chevel will be broadcasting from Il Museo Luigi Bailo, Treviso.

Zabludowicz Collection are delighted to exclusively stream: Chevel - Live at Museo Bailo. This edit was created specially for DFW by Dario Tronchin.

Location supported by Musei Civici Treviso and Comune di Treviso
Music and performance by Dario Tronchin (Chevel) @chevelPhotography and direction: Lorenzo Marzi @hippatodahoppa_
Additional photography: Stefano Berra @stefanoberraphotographer
Drone: Mauro Romanzi @mauroromanzi

Curated by Mamiko Motto with Zabludowicz Collection, DFW will push at the creative boundaries of music and art. Known for supporting and nurturing emerging artists the Zabludowicz Collection are using this time to extend their reach and give space to creativity in all forms, and finding the right medium for the platforms available right now.



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