Invites Artist's Presentation: Richard Ayodeji Ikhide

7 July 2019

Listen to Invites artist Richard Ayodeji Ikhide's conversation with Gerard Houghton, Director of Special Projects at October Gallery. The pair discuss an eclectic and remarkable range of cultural references and influences within the space of Richard's ehibition Osmosis.

Gerard Houghton has been with October Gallery since 1994, and is currently a free-lance writer and translator, with interests in a wide range of subjects both artistic and scientific. After graduating from Churchill College, Cambridge, he travelled extensively throughout West Africa working as an interpreter for a researcher into African History. He spent fifteen years living and working in Japan, and for the last ten years he has been working to document and archive ancient dance traditions in the Himalayas. He is currently editing a book documenting the last four decades of the October Gallery history.



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