Zabludowicz Collection London announces 2013 programme

14 December 2012

Zabludowicz Collection London announces 2013 programme
Albert Oehlen, Deathoknocko, 2001. Courtesy Luhring Augustine, New York

Testing Ground for Art and Education

Disappearing Into One, 11 January–27 January

Testing Ground: Master Class, 31 January–4 February

Painting from the Zabludowicz Collection: Part I, 28 February–5 May

Albert Oehlen

Francesca DiMattio

Matthew Chambers

Painting from the Zabludowicz Collection: Part II, 23 May–11 August

Albert Oehlen

Josh Smith

Group exhibition of works from the Collection

Annual Commission: Andy Holden, 26 September–15 December

Lucy Whitford, 17 January–24 February
Lora Hristova, 28 February–7 April
Pio Abad, 11 April&ndashndash;19 May
Lucy Tomlins, 23 May–30 June
Berry Patten, 4 July–11 August
Heather Phillipson, 26 September–3 November
Nicholas Brooks, 7 November–15 December

The Zabludowicz Collection is delighted to announce its 2013 programme, which includes a season focused on painting from the Collection and a major commission by artist Andy Holden. The Invites programme continues throughout the year, with six-week-long exhibitions of new work by UK-based, unrepresented artists.

The annual Testing Ground for Art and Education starts the year with a collaboration between MFA Curating students from Goldsmiths and, for the first time, Chelsea College of Art.

Disappearing Into One draws on ideas of sleight of hand and misdirection. It includes works by 17 artists from the Zabludowicz Collection and six new commissions for the show. Exhibiting artists include: Laura Buckley, Susan Collis, Michael Dean, Ryan Gander, Falk Haberkorn, James Ireland, Alicja Kwade, Edgar Leciejewski, Nobuaki Onishi, Kaz Oshiro, Damien Roach, Hiraki Sawa, Erin Shireff, Amy Stephens, Keith Tyson, Guido Van Der Werve and Ulla Von Brandenburg from the Zabludowicz Collection along with Nicole Bachmann, Andrej Bako, g.bridle, Catoke Kramer, Luuk Schröder and Oliver Lee Terry. The exhibition will be accompanied by a programme of talks and events.

Testing Ground also includes a new educational initiative developed with artist Doug Fishbone. Testing Ground: Master Class will offer a free, intensive programme for a small group of emerging artists from around the country to discuss and develop their studio practice with leading international artists Dexter Dalwood, Omer Fast, Brian Griffiths and Saskia Olde-Wolbers, over five days. Each day will culminate in a public talk by one of the artists.

On 17 January the winner of the Zabludowicz Collection Future Map Prize will be announced. The prize consists of £3,000 and a chance to produce an edition with the Zabludowicz Collection. It is awarded to a graduate of University of the Arts London, selected by a panel comprised of Sarah McCrory, director of Glasgow International, Ben Luke, contemporary art critic at the London Evening Standard and Anita Zabludowicz.

The Zabludowicz Collection holds a range of world-class paintings from around the world, made over the past 40 years. From February to August 2013 the entire Zabludowicz Collection space will be turned over to a series of exhibitions focusing on painting from the Collection with an emphasis on paintings by artists from the USA, and by German artist Albert Oehlen.

Painting from the Zabludowicz Collection: Part I will feature three exhibitions: a display of works by Albert Oehlen; the first solo exhibition in a UK institution by New York-based artist Francesca DiMattio; and a display of works by Matthew Chambers.

Albert Oehlen has been a key figure in contemporary painting since the 1980s. The Zabludowicz Collection will be exhibiting a range of works from the past three decades, which will offer a rare chance to engage with the work of this important German painter. Oehlen's works are influential to a generation of painters working today, and this exhibition will be accompanied by a public programme that will draw out some of the strands running through Oehlen's work and their significance for painters from a younger generation.

Francesca DiMattio's work includes large-scale paintings and ceramic sculptures that engage with representations of space, style and texture. DiMattio dissolves our typical depictions of space and builds them into complex and appealing works. DiMattio also confronts tropes of the feminine and standard forms of production, bringing together delicate decorations and elegant imagery reminiscent of the history of art and craft, distorting or exaggerating them in her dynamic works.

Matthew Chambers is a Los Angeles-based painter whose colourful and bold works explore the boundary between abstraction and figuration as well as the act of painting itself. The exhibition will consist of a series of works of a standard size, in which the artist explores abstract and representational visual languages. It will also include Chambers' slash paintings, which are composed of ribbons cut from of his own pre-existing paintings, suggesting a complex time-based production process.

Painting from the Zabludowicz Collection: Part II will feature a solo presentation of work by Josh Smith and a group exhibition of works from the Collection. Albert Oehlen's solo exhibition will continue through Part II.

Josh Smith is a New York-based painter whose work explores notions of authorship, authenticity and originality. Smith frequently uses his own name as a visual trope running through his work, making it both an image and a signifier of his identity. His repetitive practice fosters an exploration of meaning and aesthetics as well as the shifting grounds that connect them. This exhibition will include works by Smith made over the past six years.

The group exhibition will consist of works from the Collection that explore the expanded territory of traditional 2-dimensional painting. With works by artists from the US including Tauba Auerbach, Jessica Dickinson, Sam Falls, Alex Hubbard, Nathan Hylden, Rosy Keyser and Ned Vena, the exhibition looks at practices that involve a supplemental dimension to painting, whether that is photography, sculpture, printmaking or time-based interactions with painting. These works strain at the boundaries of painting's history and physicality, suggesting a metaphysics of painting, which the exhibition will explore.

The 2013 Annual Commission will consist of a major new show by Bedford-based artist Andy Holden (B. 1982). The culmination of an 18-month collaboration with the Collection, it will include film, large-scale sculpture and performance to explore the output and legacy of the MI!MS (Maximum Irony! Maximum Sincerity) artistic movement, which Holden founded with friends before training as an artist in 2003. The movement's manifesto stated “MI!MS is about the willingness to be lied to and the will to believe! It's about the intense sadness of our unrealistic dreams, and the intense joy of our desire for them." This is Holden's most ambitious solo project to date. It will include collaborations and exhibitions with the other MI!MS members: John Blamey, Roger Illingworth, James MacDowell and Johnny Parry.

Holden has had recent solo exhibitions at Tate Britain and Cubitt in London, Kettle's Yard in Cambridge and the Stanley Picker Gallery in Kingston where he was the Stanley Picker Fellow in 2012. This commission will be realised in partnership with Spike Island, Bristol, and with the support of Bedford Creative Arts. Andy Holden is represented by WORKS|PROJECTS.

The Zabludowicz Collection's activities in New York and Sarvisalo will be announced in 2013 and will include commissions, residencies, performances and new exhibitions.