Rina Banerjee

Rina Banerjee
Rina Banerjee, Within a New and Robust Capitalism the Sword, the Ugly and Resistant Oyster…, 2007, installation view at Zabludowicz Collection, London. Photo: Stephen White
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An Archaeology: Rina Banarjee

Residency Dates: 16 Sept – 13 October

Exhibition Dates: 20 Sept – 16 December

As part of 176's opening show, New York based, Calcutta born, artist Rina Banarjee will be working in residence at the gallery to create a site-specific work. Rina will create a floating Taj Mahal sculpture - a tourist attraction that exists principally in the imagination and a monument to both memory and love.

Rina will be involving visitors and local residents to contribute to the piece, inviting groups to visit the monument as it is constructed and donate their own discarded souvenirs, memories and messages. Throughout her residency, individuals and groups will be able to meet and talk to her about the work, see the other works on exhibition, and think about what and how they could add to her piece themselves. Visitors are free to come back to bring their objects and visit later to see how they are incorporated into the sculpture.

Inclusion of donated objects cannot be guaranteed.

Objects are non returnable.


Visitors and groups can book to attend sessions when they will be able to meet with Rina and contribute to her installation on the following dates:

16 September - Local resident's private view

20 September

21 September

22 September

23 September – Open Studio (no booking required)

7 October – Open Studio (no booking required)

10 October

11 October

12 October – Open Studio (no booking required)

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