Master Class 2013

Master Class 2013
Doug Fishbone, Everybody Loves A Winner, 2004 (still)


A unique five-day master class offering the chance to work alongside leading artists, the Master Class creates a highly charged environment aimed at nurturing emerging artists at a crucial stage in their professional development. Focused around an intensive working group of only eight students, the programme features crit sessions, tutorials, discussion groups and professional development workshops. Each evening there will be a public lecture by renowned international practitioners, giving both the students and the general public an opportunity to gain greater insight into that artist's practice. Led by Doug Fishbone, this programme is open to artists nominated by a select group of artist-run spaces nationwide, and is completely free of charge to those participating.

Special Guest Tutors include: Dexter Dalwood, Omer Fast, Brian Griffiths and Saskia Olde-Wolbers

The emerging artists participating in the initiative have been nominated by Eastside Projects in Birmingham, G39 in Cardiff, One Thoresby Street in Nottingham, Outpost in Norwich, The Royal Standard in Liverpool, The Woodmill in London and Workplace Gallery in Gateshead. Each space was asked to identify artists for whom the opportunity to work with these tutors would be both an opportunity to consolidate their practice and give it a significant boost.

Participating artists were: Alice Gale Feeny, Jim Howieson, Andrew Lacon, Joseph Murray, Flore Nove Josserand, Laura Reeves, Rafal Topolewski and Thomas Whittle

The Master Class lecture series features an artist's talk each evening at 7pm

Saskia Olde-Wolbers
Thursday 31 January

Brian Griffiths
Friday 1 February

Dexter Dalwood
Saturday 2 February

Omer Fast
Sunday 3 February

Tickets are £7 including free drinks or £20 for all four. You can purchase tickets direct from our shop by clicking here.