Andrea Crespo
Andrea Crespo, Virocrypsis, 2015, Digital video 16 mins 05 secs © The Artist Photo: Fran Parente




In video and sculpture Crespo investigates territory beyond normative conceptions of the human body or gender, seeking to open up space for a consideration of how desires for difference might develop and materialise in the near future. Virocrypsis, 2015, features a splintered dialogue between conjoined characters named Cynthia and Celinde, who appear in several of the artist’s works. This conversation plays out over drawings by Crespo, layered with the audio and visual textures of scanning, splattering and buffering. Crespo refers to this state of being as ‘multiple systems’ or ‘sis’, and it recalls the kinds of polymorphous kawaii incarnations found on websites such as DeviantArt, which offers a platform for users to generate and share artworks that modify conventions of embodiment.