Chloe Wise

b. 1990, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Lives and works in New York, USA


Chloe Wise
Chole Wise, I Remember Everything I've Ever Eaten, 2015


Drawing her inspirations from a wide spectrum that includes both modern advertising and the Dutch Golden Age, Chloe Wise’s paintings approach the viewer with sharp humorous critiques of the current political climate, whilst deconstructing the layered metaphors of food, youth and consumerism. I Remember Everything I’ve Ever Eaten (2015) encapsulates Wise’s signature style, displaying the permeable relationship between femininity and consumption, and mimicking the advertising world’s sensualisation of foodstuffs. Wise handpicks the sitters for her paintings from her close community of friends who are then captured in glistening light alongside food that represents both bountiful indulgence but also a satirical fantasy. Here American actress, writer and model Hari Nef is depicted on a chequered cloth with fresh fruit, flowers and almond ‘milk’.