Since 1994, the Zabludowicz Collection has been collecting contemporary paintings from around the world. In 2013 it focussed an entire season of exhibitions and events on painting from the Collection, juxtaposing works by German artist Albert Oehlen with paintings by younger artists based in the US such as Josh Smith, Rosy Keyser and Alex Hubbard. This project exemplified the experimental nature of the Collection and its taste for works that propose an antagonistic relationship with their medium.

Painting in all its guises is represented in the Collection. Ranging from the large-scale urban-influenced abstraction of Mark Bradford to the intimate trompe-l'œil creations of William Daniels, you will find many of the most interesting artists from the last 60 years represented here. Important historical works by Ben Nicholson, Frank Auerbach, Philip Guston, Maria Lassnig are held alongside pieces by rising stars from a younger generation such as Michael Armitage, Lewis Hammond, Avery Singer and Jamian Juliano-Villani.