Guyton \ Walker

Wade Guyton, b. 1972, Hammond, Indiana, USA / Kelley Walker, b. 1969, Columbus, Georgia, USA


Guyton \ Walker
Guyton\Walker, Untitled, 2013



Situating their collaborative practice apart from their individual careers, Guyton\Walker allows Wade Guyton and Kelley Walker to expand on their shared interest in the layering of pattern and texture. Their work utilises the scanner and the ink-jet printer to create mash-ups of images related to consumption, such as sliced fruit and checkerboard patterns, polka dots and kitchen knives. These images are printed directly onto the surfaces of objects such as plasterboard sheets, paint cans, mattresses and tables. These components are stacked and reconfigured in a multitude of ways, blurring the line between painting, sculpture and installation. Guyton\Walker overlay contemporary visual excess onto traditional artistic concerns of material process and aesthetic investigation.