Heidi Bucher

b. 1926 Winterthur, Switzerland, d. 1993 Brunnen, Switzerland


Heidi Bucher
Heidi Bucher, Parquet, Room nr. 25, Third Floor, Obermühle (Ahnenhaus)



Swiss artist Heidi Bucher worked primarily in the fields of sculpture and performance art, looking corporeally at how the body and space interact with one another. Bucher’s caoutchouc skins are some of her most idiosyncratic and recognisable works, created through a process of pressing gauze against a person/object before filling the gauze with liquid latex, just before the substance fully hardens, Bucher would then remove the outer layer much like a “skin”. This methodology defines the ways in which Bucher incorporated movement into her art, working between the spheres of solid and ephemeral.

Bucher has received great posthumous praise with recent solo exhibitions including: Heidi Bucher, Parasol Unit, London, UK, 2018; Heidi Bucher, Swiss Institute, NY, 2014 and Heidi Bucher: Rooms are Surroundings, are Skins, London, UK, 2013.