Hurvin Anderson

b.1965, Birmingham, UK


Hurvin Anderson
Hurvin Anderson, The Hill, 2012




Hurvin Anderson is a British painter of Jamaican descent. He was educated at Wimbledon College of Art, London and The Royal College of Art. Anderson has become known for depictions of human landscapes that bear the hallmarks of his origins. Makeshift barbershops, public parks, country clubs, botanical gardens and the swimming pools of his youth are evoked in paint as lingering memories. These ‘sites of leisure’, as he describes them, recur as motifs, sometimes in series, drifting through states of 'in-between-ness', adopting the visual languages - and states of mind- of both England and the Caribbean. Anderson’s paintings flirt between abstraction and figuration, their tranquil scenes merging unstable ideas of memory, conjoined histories, and cross-culturalism.