Josephine Meckseper

b. 1964, Lilienthal, Germany. Lives and works in New York, USA


Josephine Meckseper
Josephine Meckseper, Untitled (On the Genealogy of Mortality), 2013




German born artist Josephine Meckseper appropriates the visual languages of the department store and the museum in displays that underline their multiple points of convergence. In her sculptural works chains of significance drawn from capitalist culture, art history, and common ideologies come together through objects arranged in vitrines or on shelves. Her works find inspiration in glossy magazines; compositions including generic commercial photography, op-art inspired patterns, and political imagery are frequently imposed onto highly polished metal and mirrors. Rather than acting as explicit critique or celebration, Meckseper's works act as thought-provoking interventions with the ways that objects and images are interpreted.