Marguerite Humeau

b. 1986, Cholet, France. Lives and works in London, UK


Marguerite Humeau
Marguerite Humeau, JOSEPHE, a female is drinking its own milk in a desperate self-cannibalistic gesture of survival. The creature’s soul has left its body, 2016. Exhibition view, Among the Machines, Zabludowicz Collection, London. Courtesy the artist and Zabludowicz Collection. Photo: Tim Bowditch


Marguerite Humeau’s ambitious practice explores how it is now technologically possible to visualise and recreate natural and supernatural phenomena. Collaborating with academic researchers and scientists, Humeau extends the spaces of possibility opened by new discoveries, while highlighting gaps in evidence and knowledge and the importance of mystery for the human imagination. Rejecting the idea of a separation between the objective and the subjective, across her projects Humeau constructs a universe in which reality is formed like a palimpsest, and where logical thoughts are liberated to become dreams.