Marguerite Humeau at KARST

Marguerite Humeau at KARST
Marguerite Humeau, Rubatosis, The unsettling awareness..., 2022. Courtesty the artist, Zabludowicz Collection, and Clearing (NYC). Photo: JSP Art Photography


Zabludowicz Collection is delighted to loan Marguerite Humeau's Rubatosis, The unsettling awareness of your own heartbeat, a muscular beat, the tapping in complete darkness. Inspired by the Foxglove, rhythmically structured on the stem: like a music notation for inhalation and exhalation, it shows the rhythmical expansion of the human heart palpitations., (2022) to KARST as part of their exhibition 'Feels Like Memeplex'.

Feels Like Memeplex™ is initiated and including work by Berlin-based art collective Omsk Social Club and London and Helsinki -based artist Joey Holder. It is the second iteration of Memeplex™ – a group exhibition previously presented at Seventeen, London. The exhibition enacts a fictional story from a fragment of Omsk’s interactive online work The Wet Altar (2021), commissioned by Light Art Space.

Further information on the exhibition can be found on the KARST website.