Peter Coffin

b. 1972, Berkeley, CA, USA. Lives and works in New York, USA


Peter Coffin
Peter Coffin, Untitled (Design for Colby Poster Co. #2, #3, #8, # 11, # 40), 2008


Coffin's work often engages with the ways in which we perceive, understand and interpret our world; in this case he looks at the mechanisms of advertising and propaganda. Since 1946, The Colby Poster Printing Company Ltd. has been producing posters to promote everything from political candidates to music and dance events across the Los Angeles area. For Untitled (Design for Colby Poster Co.#2, #3, #8, #11, #40), Coffin ordered a set of posters using Colby's signature colourful backgrounds, leaving them blank of any text. This removal of language renders the posters mute but retains the sensory impact of their vivid colours, an important feature of advertising and propaganda.