Seth Price

b. 1973, East Jerusalem. Lives and works in New York City, USA


Seth Price
Seth Price, Untitled, 2007 installation view, Detouched, 2013 at Project Arts Centre, Dublin


Seth Price has a reiterative practice: he returns to forms and ideas, creating subtle variations in their appearance and, therefore, their meaning. Chords is made up of three portable DVD players screening COPYRIGHT 2006 SETH PRICE, a work that has reappeared in various guises in Price's practice over the past few years. It uses raw news footage of the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan in 1981, in which Price has altered the colour and speed of the footage. Each portable DVD player emits its own soundtrack of single harpsichord chords separated by silences of different lengths. Together they compose what the artist calls 'an atonal soundtrack based on chance procedures'.

Untitled (Masks) is made from vacuum-formed plastic, a technique and material widely used in product manufacturing and packaging. By moulding the plastic around a generic mould used to make masks for consumer use, Price has created a kind of death mask that engages with our society of consumption and the art-historical tradition of casting.

Untitled is part of a series of silhouette works that depict the in-between spaces of highly familiar images. Spoon-feeding someone or whispering into someone's ear denote the entrusting of precious information or material, but by representing the negative spaces of these pictures, Price makes us question their true meaning.