A Sense of Things

A Sense of Things


In a world full of clutter it is difficult to notice things for more than a moment. A Sense of Things focuses on how objects exert their calling on us. In the context of an exhibition, artworks refuse to be passive recipients of our gaze.

A Sense of Things presents a group of works that display interrelated and converging approaches to this calling. The works of Hannah Perry, Oliver Laric, and Jamie Bracken Lobb react to a world already full of objects by recycling and remixing pre-existing materials to generate new meanings. Conversely, other artists such as Lei Xue, Daniel Silver and David Buckley use traditional materials and means of production to re-examine everyday objects and forms. Some of the artists such as Jim Lambie, Tonico Lemos Auad, Adriano Amaral and Andrea Zucchini also try to develop an intimacy with the materiality of the objects through craftsmanship and renewed attention to their materials.

Exhibiting artists:
Showing works from the Zabludowicz Collection: Tonico Lemos Auad, Matthew Darbyshire, Sean Edwards, Neil Gall, Alexander Heim, Jim Lambie, Oliver Laric, Elad Lassry, Mark Leckey, Roxy Paine, Hannah Perry, Seth Price, Damien Roach, Daniel Silver, Matthew Smith, Jack Strange, John Summers, Lei Xue.
Invited artists: Adriano Amaral, Jamie Bracken Lobb, David Buckley, Rob Chavasse, Frances Malthouse, John Henry Newton, Viktor Timofeev, Leonardo Ulian, Andrea Zucchini.

As part of the sixth annual Testing Ground for Art and Education season at Zabludowicz Collection, A Sense of Things is a curatorial collaboration between students on the MFA Curating courses at Goldsmiths College, and this year, for the first time, The Cass, London Metropolitan University. A Sense of Things is collectively curated by Amy E. Brown, Rebecca Edwards, Antonio Garcia Acosta, Leana Lovell Gardner, Adrienne Groen, Aaron Juneau, Hanna Laura Kaljo, Miriam La Rosa, Marina Maksimova, Barnie Page, Emma Siemens-Adolphe, Rosie Snaith, Thomas Stokmans.


The Cass, London Metropolitan University
Williams & Hill