antiDOTE, 2009 at Zabludowicz Collection, London. Photo: Tim Bowditch
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Dan Graham: ROCK MY RELIGION (1982-1984)
55:27 min, black & white and colour, sound

Rock My Religion is a provocative thesis on the relation between religion and rock music in contemporary culture. Graham formulates a history that begins with the Shakers, an early religious community who practiced self-denial and ecstatic trance dances. With the "reeling and rocking" of religious revivals as his point of departure, Graham analyses the emergence of rock music as religion with the teenage consumer in the isolated suburban milieu of the 1950s, locating rock's sexual and ideological context in post-World War II America. The music and philosophies of Patti Smith, who made explicit the trope that rock is religion, are his focus. This complex collage of text, film footage and performance forms a compelling theoretical essay on the ideological codes and historical contexts that inform the cultural phenomenon of rock 'n' roll music.

Mach One (Circus Warp, Universe Tribal Gathering, Revelation), Tom Richards (Vertical Form) and Dave Gamble (Roundhouse Radio)

Barrel are an improv trio who combine “vile scrapings, sublime strings, obnoxious plucking and cacophonous mutterings"

3pm A J Holmes
Alexander Holmes draws together the sounds of West African Highlife folk mixed with home-grown English electronic pop.


Beth Jeans Houghton
Hailed by the NME as “a Joni Mitchell for the anti-folk generation", Newcastle-based Beth Jeans Houghton plays an “alternative blend of experimental folk" that draws on the sounds of German pop, Afro-beat and Breakcore.

Sam Lee Trio
Sam Lee Trio is comprised of 'Sleepy' Ed Hicks on Banjo, Michael Wright - the country's leading Jews Harp player - and Sam Lee on shruti box and vocals, singing songs gathered from the British folk and gypsy tradition. Sam Also runs the folk night Folklahoma under the wings of the Magpie's Nest folk club.

Trombone Poetry
Trombone Poetry is a solo performance project that interweaves music and poetry by Paul Taylor in a kind of poetry slalom. Music frames poems; poems shape music. Part of the aim is to bring the power, range and charm of this instrument to new audiences.

Hoofus is the alter ego of Norfolk-based musician Andre Bosman. His music is a collision of bleeping blooping 8 bit melodies; sine wave frequencies twisting and rubbing against each other, oscillators humming and purring in an electro drone rock soup.

Laura J Martin
''Thinkie folkie weirdie beardie (without the beardie), and funki (with an *i* - check it), mixed in a cauldron with some jazzy slurp = niceness squared'' = Laura J Martin.

My Toys Like Me
Hypnotic vocals, great hooks, boogey basslines, groove is in the feet, haunting, eccentric, quirky, crazy, beautiful freaks, crazy geeks and power pumping tunes – a perfect blend of electronic alt pop.

Dan Hayhurst, aka Sculpture, brings it with tape loops, CD players, luscious delays, a live zoetrope-style visual accompaniment and a large dose of panache.

antiDote is part of Club Ponderosa, a temporary social club produced by Matt Stokes in collaboration with local residents, artists and enthusiasts. It takes its name from both the ranch in the famous 1960s TV series Bonanza and a shelter built in a Newcastle neighbourhood by residents of a crescent seeking an independent space to meet and talk. Club Ponderosa will function as a place for performances and social interaction designed and programmed by residents of the area around 176. Developed in collaboration with self-organised groups and gifted amateurs, the club will operate within 176, but with its own series of events and a separate entrance and access times. It will also include MASS, a free collective sound system made up of donated elements. The project is part of Stokes' residency at the gallery and is being developed partly in response to the history of the former Methodist chapel that houses 176 and its surrounding area.

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