Dreama Centaur

Dreama Centaur
Dreama Centaur, 2009 at Zabludowicz Collection, London
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Dreama Centaur is a theatrical installation using memories of the Drama Centre, the drama school that used to be housed in the church before 176, as starting points/inspirations for several peformance and sculptural pieces. These pieces will be highlighted through lighting and sound: some will be highly theatrical some will be more real/normal. The piece is interested in exploring the real versus the unreal, the dreamed versus the mundane, theater versus life and will be using ex Drama Centre actors as well as non-performers. As a whole it can be seen as the workings of a mind with ideas, obsessions, visions sitting side by side jostling for attention – sometimes illuminated sometimes not. It may appear quite film like, with a succession of lit scenes. The scenes will sometimes interact with each other, sometimes they will repeat, sometimes they will change...

Dreama Centaur is a collaboration between Hugo Danino who saw the Drama Centre from the outside and was inspired and intrigued by the mystery/atmosphere of the place, and Rob Hale and the Aorta Theatre Collective who attended the school and saw it for real from the inside. It is a search/experiment for a form of theatre combining both performance art and traditional theatre; a balancing act between the real and the imagined; and an honoring of the tingling atmosphere/memory of the old Drama Centre.

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