Invites Artist's Presentation: Helen Knowles

Invites Artist's Presentation: Helen Knowles
Helen Knowles, The Trial of Superdebthunterbot, 2015. Court drawing by Helen Knowles and Liza Brett from a 2015 performance at Oriel Sycarth Gallery


Join us for a live event using research generated from Knowles’ recent presentations to law schools. A newly convened ‘jury’ of academics, artists, musicians, publishers, experts in AI and hackers will debate, inviting views and opinions from the audience. An opportunity to consider the issues of ethics and accountability around artificial intelligence, the event will fall between a lively debate and a performance, with moments of tension, reflection, silence and conversation, ultimately reaching a verdict.

The jury will include Rachel Ara (artist), Michael Butterworth (Associate, Kemp Little),
Denise Gorse (Lecturer, UCL), Paresh Kathrani (Senior Lecturer, University of Westminster), Andrei Mathieu (student, QMUL), Jeremy Pilcher (University of Leicester),Simone Severini (Reader in Physics of Information, UCL), Rohit Talwar (CEO, Fast Future), and Youth (musician), among others.

FREE, booking recommended.