Michelle Williams presents

Michelle Williams presents
John Smith, Blight, 1994 (still)


Routemaster General, London

Michelle Williams presents a selection of films and videos set in and exploring London.

The screening invites viewers to climb aboard the Routemaster as it meanders from North/West London, through the Centre to the South and ending in the East End. The routemaster not only hops through the city but also through time via the archive film by Arthur Elton & E.H. Antsey- Housing Problems (1935), as well as John Smith's Blight (1994), Patrick Keiller's Stonebridge Park (1981), and William Raban's A13 (1994). The screening also features new films by artists on the Goldsmith's Visual Arts PhD including Linda Aloysius, Mikko Canni, Steve Klee, Lois Rowe and Michelle Williams, as well as works by artists Alex Schady and Jefford Horrigan.