Preview: Invites: Molly Erin McCarthy

Preview: Invites: Molly Erin McCarthy
Molly Erin McCarthy, SDiAR ver.1.321618720143181418, 2022 (still). Interactive virtual environment. Courtesy of the artist


Join us for an evening preview of Invites: Molly Erin McCarthy.

Zabludowicz Collection is pleased to present an Invites exhibition by Plymouth-based artist Molly Erin McCarthy. McCarthy’s world-building practice responds to the landscape, folklore and history of Cornwall, materialising across an interactive game space and miniature dioramas.

Transporting her viewers into a hybrid environment – one that combines a military apocalypse bunker and a spiritual shrine – McCarthy simulates an end-of-the-world outpost. The setting of a seaside shelter – a sublime, eerie scene consisting of sandbags, breeze blocks and military khaki parachute material – allows for a layered, almost spiritual narrative to gradually unfold in front of the viewer. The installation extends from a newly developed interactive video game, in which the artist references reimagined landmarks and places in Cornwall and Plymouth.

Invites is dedicated to solo presentations by UK-based artists without UK commercial gallery representation.