Invites: Molly Erin McCarthy

Invites: Molly Erin McCarthy
Molly Erin McCarthy, FENTEN (Well), TEVYANS (Growth), DREHEVEL (Construct), 2022. Augmented Reality. Digital photograph. Courtesy the artist


Zabludowicz Collection is pleased to present an Invites exhibition by Plymouth-based artist Molly Erin McCarthy. Responding to the landscape, folklore and history of Cornwall, McCarthy’s world-building practice materialises across an interactive game space and 3D printed dioramas.

The installation centres on the artist’s newest interactive work, a gameplay environment in which the user navigates a futurist landscape formed from apocalyptic myths of Southwest England. Projected to fill the Invites space, the screen is adorned with camouflage textiles and 3D printed miniature topographies. Echoing the digital within the physical, this unique collection of works interprets geological forms, religious shrines, Celtic symbols, and military power as prophecy into a post-technological future.

Molly Erin McCarthy (b. 1995, Devon, England) received an BA in Fine Art from Plymouth College of Art in 2020. Recent exhibitions include DIGITIAL MONSTERS, Solo Show, USA/Online (2021); Paradigms, Look Again, Aberdeen (2021); Plymouth Contemporary, KARST/The Arts Institute, Plymouth London (2021); RHIZODOME, auto:save, UK/Online (2020); Still Here Still Life X Implied Gallery X Molly Erin McCarthy, Interactive Virtual Sculpture, UK/EU/Online (2020); Well Now, WTF?, Silicon Valet, USA/Online (2020); The Wretched of the Screen, The Wrong Biennale, Magdalena Art Space, Oxford (2020); Other project include workshops and commissions RE:WRITING HISTORIES / RE:IMAGINING FUTURES, Torpoint Community College, Torpoint, UK (2021); State of Emergency, The Box, Plymouth, (2020). Alongside her practice she has worked with organisations such as Plymouth Art Weekender, KARST Contemporary Arts, MIRROR & CAMP.