Preview - Invites: Tamu Nkiwane

Preview - Invites: Tamu Nkiwane
Ouroboros, 2017. Pencil and pen on A4 Paper. Courtesy the artist


Join us for the launch of our latest solo exhibition in the Zabludowicz Collection Invites series.

Tamu Nkiwane presents a solo exhibition, Blue Plastic, in which he reflects on his travels back to his family’s homeland of Zimbabwe. Responding to the volatile political and economic situation he found Nkiwane was drawn to the objects and rituals of everyday trade, specifically places of exchange and techniques for displaying goods. The resulting installation centres on sculptural market stall, with precise stacks of dried fruit, printed posters, handmade cardboard seating and video and musical clips recorded by the artist. Although made welcome in Zimbabwe, the artist was also a newcomer into an unfamiliar social and domestic space. Nkiwane channels the emotions of feeling like an outsider to a context, one that he is deeply connected to, but can only ever be partially understood.