Eddie Peake 'Bendyman', 2016


Produced in 2016, NAUSEA brings together six of today's most exciting contemporary artists to create work in response to the Virtual Reality technology available at the time. Seven months of collaboration culminated in an exhibition that explores various notions of virtual perception, interaction and aesthetics. Users can navigate work by Eddie Peake, Florian Meisenberg, Anne de Vries, Ruben Grilo, Jack Strange and Anna K.E. through an innovative system of portals controlled by their actions in real time and space.

Rubén Grilo Begin With A Spin, 2016

Rubén Grilo has created an elevator scene that takes direct inspiration from the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Elements of the film are presented in a desolate yet dreamlike fashion, letting you engage with them in an interactive but futile way as the function of the elevator is broken.

Anna K.E. Corners of Cosmetic Application, 2016

The experience of Anna K.E. is complex, drawing references from the artificial and the natural. A spatial collage of mosaic walls and natural phenomena such as waves and tornadoes deliver disorientating explorations and transformative layers of meaning. Depending on your viewpoint new scenarios are revealed, altering the work via the viewer’s own decisions and perspective.

Florian Meisenberg Untitled, 2016

In Florian Meisenberg‘s work the user can wipe the opaque windows of a virtual space. Through this action, you uncover a series of existing videos from Meisenberg‘s own collection. Their changing nature and presentation within a virtual room allows for new forms of engagement with Meisenberg‘s work. Emphasising a tension between spatial and temporal relationships already found in much of his audio-visual artwork, this context adds a revealing and dynamic new dimension.

Eddie Peake Bendyman, 2016

Eddie Peake’s work inserts an anthropomorphised bendy form into an infinite space alongside the viewer. The character, a fork-like object imbued with a personality and human attributes, performs dance moves at the viewer’s will, has objects positioned in place of its head, or is violently thrown through a segment of the infinite space it inhabits.

Jack Strange Untitled, 2016

In the world of Jack Strange you encounter four characters who execute repetitive actions such as carrying cartoon faces, running in a hamster wheel and pushing buttons. The space changes between black and white, creating an energetic environment that ultimately reveals an existentialist meaninglessness.

Anne de Vries Extreme Body Shiftrz, 2016

In this artwork by Anne de Vries the user encounters a human body which morphs into different states of male/female, big/small, fat/thin using the programming tools Mixamo and Fuse. This fluid, digital entity channels pressing questions concerning future visions of the body and identity.

The NAUSEA VR exhibition is curated and produced by Philip Hausmeier of Metaphysics VR. NAUSEA VR was also shown at the ZKM Karlsruhe last year and is distributed via Daata Editions. In 2017 Metaphysics also launched together with curator Tina Sauerländer, "Radiance," an online research platform for VR art www.radiancevr.co

Please visit the booking page to select date and time of arrival, there are two 15 minute slots available per half an hour. Entry is only valid for the date and time slot selected, and some waiting may still be required. Visitors arriving outside of their time slot cannot be guaranteed access to 360: NAUSEA exhibition.