Jack Strange

b. 1984, Brighton, UK. Lives and works in London, UK


Jack Strange
Jack Strange, For the Greenman, 2008, installation view, Pete and Repeat, 2009 at Zabludowicz Collection, London. Photo: Thierry Bal



Jack Strange takes the mundane facts of life and playfully reinvents them. In Believe (2007), a work that combines a Pop Art aesthetic with a conceptual sensibility, a chocolate bar and a television set playing a slide show of imploding universes become a witty remark about faith, cosmologies and belief. Strange’s interdisciplinary practice incorporates performance, sculpture and moving image, and takes him on a quest for apparently hidden meanings in the repetition of cultural material. For the slideshow Stunt Doubles (2007), Strange went looking for anyone wearing a red coat to match his own, and photographed himself with his discoveries. For the Greenman (With the Curst Sons, Alpha, Giovanni Manzini and Mr Clack) (2008), he commissioned four new soundtracks for a 90-second clip from The Incredible Hulk. In Tom (2007), Strange has compiled a kind of reverse chronology of Tom Cruise films by editing together all the available scenes which show the actor running. Each of these works produces a charming and comical conflation of images, ideas and situations, inviting multiple interpretations.