Painting in the 2.5th Dimension

Painting in the 2.5th Dimension
Installation view, Painting in the 2.5th Dimension, 2013 at Zabludowicz Collection, London. Photo: Tim Bowditch
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Painting from the Zabludowicz Collection: Painting in the 2.5th Dimension

The group exhibition includes works from the Collection that explore the expanded territory of traditional 2-dimensional painting. With works by artists from the US including Tauba Auerbach, Jessica Dickinson, Sam Falls, Alex Hubbard, Nathan Hylden, Rosy Keyser, Michael E. Smith and Ned Vena, the exhibition looks at practices that involve a supplemental dimension to painting, whether that is photography, sculpture, printmaking or time-based interactions with painting. These works strain at the boundaries of painting's history and physicality, suggesting a metaphysics of painting, which the exhibition will explore.


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