Families Create At Home: Fairytale Buildings

11 April 2020

Families Create At Home: Fairytale Buildings

Artist Rosemary Cronin leads a workshop inspired by Ericka Beckman’s 2018 solo exhibition at Zabludowicz Collection. Drawing inspiration from Beckman’s installation Cinderella, Rosemary will guide you through making your very own fairy house using items found around your home.

Materials you will need:

For the main structure: Glass bottles/jars, cardboard (e.g. cereal boxes, inner tubes of toilet roll, cardboard boxes), super glue or sticky back plastic or a glue gun, newspaper and tin foil. These are suggestions; you can use any bits you have about the house that can be cut up or glued together!

For extra decoration: paper clay (this is available online, or you can make using eggboxes, PVA glue and hot water) or airy dry clay/fimo/play dough, stones/pebbles, paint and glitter/gold dust (anything sparkly you may have).



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