Families Create At Home: The Amazing Fox in the Gallery

16 April 2020

Francis Alÿs, The Nightwatch, 2004. Courtesy the artist

Join artist Tom Pope for a workshop inspired by Francis Alÿs who released a fox into London’s National Portrait Gallery in the middle of the night and tracked it using the museum's CCTV.

Create your own art gallery with miniature artworks on the walls. Like many art galleries this will be a maze, only with this one you will have to navigate a marble around to explore the artworks and find the exit!

Materials you will need: For the construction: Shoe box with lid, cardboard, clear tape or glue gun, scissors, two pence piece to draw around, craft knife (adult supervision), and a small marble.

For decoration: Drawing paper, pencil, colouring pencils, old magazines (optional), double sided tape, clear tape or glue.



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