Post from the 1st Lockdown

28 September 2020

Post from the 1st Lockdown
Gaia Fugazza, Mamme con l'i-phone, 2015

With the desire to ignore the media noise and have direct contact with artists under lockdown in Wuhan and the Hubei region, former Zabludowicz Collection Invites artist, Gaia Fugazza, together with Luigi Galimberti, reached out at the start of February 2020 with an open call through emails and China’s biggest social media platform, WeChat.

The initial idea was to present the works sent in by artists in lockdown at a physical exhibition at GRANDINE art space in London, however, it was established very early on that this would not be possible due to the postal service in the Hubei region being interrupted.

This project evolved from the physical into the digital with the majority of artists submitting their work online. With an open call date from 7th February to the end of March 2020, these dates correspond to the end of the lockdown in China and marked the beginning of the lockdown in the UK.

In March, curator Sha Li joined the project to invite more artists and designed a digital platform to present the works with the hope to open up further social and political dialogues with the public. You can visit the platform by clicking here.