2012 Artists' Residency

2012 Artists' Residency
Laura Buckley's Shields, 2012, Sarvisalo, Finland. Photo: David Bebber
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The 2012 residency brings together artists with a diverse range of practices that intersect processes of production with the construction of images, performative gesture and its relationship to materiality and one's environment as well as fictional and biographical narratives. The artists will be based on Sarvisalo through the months of May and June responding to the unique location and the wider cultural landscape in Finland.

Since 2010 the Zabludowicz Collection has invited artists to come and spend some time on the island of Sarvisalo. These informal residencies offer an open-ended and discursive environment for the production of art. The island has become a place where artists and practitioners from many disciplines will find space to work. Some may produce works which remain in situ, or propose projects to be realised in the future, others may work on research for future projects or collaborations but no specific outcome is required from any of the visitors. What is offered is a unique and supportive environment for the production and discussion of art.