Jim Lambie

b. 1964, Glasgow, Scotland. Lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland


Jim Lambie
Jim Lambie, Installation view Nervous Track, Atelier Hermes, Seoul, 2009. Courtesy the Artist and The Modern Institute/Toby Webster Ltd, Glasgow



Drawing from his background in music, Jim Lambie creates artwork employing sensory blasts and witty juxtapositions to generate an experience in the viewer. Since 1999 he has produced floor installations using vinyl tape that react to the unique architecture of a space, destabilising the traditional white cube. Lambie also produces human scale sculptures which often sit on top of these seas of pattern. The use of a mass-produced indicators of disposable style, such as handbags, high heel shoes and belts, often combined with and bright colours, glitter and mirrored surfaces are typical of his approach. Artefacts of pop culture are recast in new configurations, which connect to the history of the ready-made, and to the more prosaic reality of wardrobes and dancefloors.