Zabludowicz Collection is committed to seeing sculpture as an open and elastic practice rather than a medium-focussed pursuit. Here you can find artists working in traditional materials such as marble and bronze, as well as more contemporary responses to the problem of making art in three dimensions. As with much of the Collection many of the works are made between 1990 and today and reflect the material culture of our time. From the glass vitrines of Damien Hirst and the stuffed tights and tabloid cuttings of Sarah Lucas, to the ornate ceramics of Rachel Kneebone, there is a palpable focus on British artists.

Sculpture comes in all shapes and sizes. Since opening our space in a former Methodist chapel at 176 Prince of Wales Road we have commissioned and produced many exhibitions and site specific projects that have responded to the distinctive architecture, including large scale installations by Toby Ziegler, Andy Holden and Donna Huanca. In addition there have been numerous works installed in, or commissioned for, our other site in Sarvisalo, Finland, with these responding to the natural landscape and vernacular architecture of the location. Examples include a permanent underground commission by Matthew Day Jackson and a functional “playpark” of bronze sculptures by Matthew Darbyshire.

Whatever the material, an artist has made a sculpture out of it, and more than likely we have something in the Collection, from plants to stickers, shower gel to wax. One installation, by Rachael Champion, even contains granite from the bedrock of the world’s first nuclear waste repository. As it is hard to list all such materials we have stuck to a more traditional list of tags, and included the catch all ‘mixed media’.

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