Invites Artist's Presentation: Hannah Perry

Invites Artist's Presentation: Hannah Perry
Invites Artists' Presentations Hannah Perry, 2012 at Zabludowicz Collection, London.
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Hannah Perry with Pete Morrow

Erotic Discourse

Hannah Perry and Pete Morrow collaborate on a live performance as part of Perry's current Zabludowicz Collection Invites exhibition: Wonderful While It Lasts
Perry's installation explores the possibility of expanding film, physically taking images out of the frame and into the space. Her performance extends this idea, remixing audio and video sampled from Perry's film to create something entirely new.
Erotic Discourse is a live, unrehearsed improvisation based on a re-edit of the central video work from Wonderful While It Lasts. The video's rhythmic elements are built up through the marching beat of eleven performers whose footsteps become a metronome counting a standard 4:4 beat. Morrow's live drumming and Perry's audio sampling are mixed live and follow this pace, interrupting the typical 4 and 8 structure of the beat.