Invites Artist's Presentation: Lucy Woodhouse

Invites Artist's Presentation: Lucy Woodhouse
Invites Artists' Presentations: Lucy Woodhouse, 2012 at Fiddler's Elbow, London. Photo: Tim Bowditch
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Transition Transmission

Transition Transmission will turn the gallery into a temporary TV station, hosting a series of performances by invited artists on the themes of communication data transmission. The event will be transmitted live using CCTV equipment to the Fiddlers Elbow, a local live music venue where audiences will be invited to watch the broadcast. Artists performing include Lucy Woodhouse, Eleanor Vonne Brown, Will Squire, John Wild, Ryan Jordan, Inigo Wilkins, Daniel James Wilkinson and Payfone Presents. The performance builds on Woodhouse's current Invites exhibition Global Local Transition Transmission Connection Centre, which transform the gallery into a broadcast space.

For more information about Lucy Woodhouse visit her website