Invites Artist's Presentation: John Summers

Invites Artist's Presentation: John Summers
Installation view, Zabludowicz CollectionInvites John Summers, 2012 at Zabludowicz Collection, London. Photo: Tim Bowditch


John Summers presents a video work that responds to and extends the works in his current exhibition as part of the Invites series. Shot in his studio by Tim Bowditch, this new work is a candid demonstration of Summers' concern for and use of materials and also his very physical relationship with the works as he makes them.

“Dependent on the material I use and how it operates… I might slowly start to push it or mould it or fold it, and I can get so wrapped up working with it that the next minute I'm jumping on it and beating it with a steel pole, or throwing it in the corner or whatever. But I am aware and conscious during this kind of intense, extreme physical beating, which spirals up as a kind of tornado of energy which gets put into the piece. Eventually I stop and see how the piece is changing before my eyes… Some pieces, I will work into the ground until they fall apart and disappear. But others stand the test of time."