Past exhibitions / 2011

Pop Up Cinema, 2011 at Zabludowicz Collection, London

Pop-Up Cinema

6 November–11 December 2011

Group | London

Laurel Nakadate, Stories, 2005,  installation view, Laurel Nakadate, 2011 at Zabludowicz Collection. Photo: Thierry Bal

Laurel Nakadate

29 September–11 December 2011

Commission | London

Thomas Houseago, Portrait - Double Sided, 2009 and Daniel Silver, Untitled, 2008,  installation view, We Will Live, We Will See, 2011 at Zabludowicz Collection, London. Photo: Stephen White

We Will Live, We Will See

7 July–14 August 2011

Group | London

Matthew Darbyshire, Standardised Production Clothing Versions 1-10, 2009, installation view, The Shape We're In, 2011 at Zabludowicz Collection London. Photo: Stephen White

The Shape We're In (London)

10 March–12 June 2011

Group | London

The Shape We're In (New York)

The Shape We're In (New York)

1 March–15 April 2011

Group | New York

Jack Strange, Special Effects, 2009, installation view, Shape We're In (Camden) 2011 at 56-58 Leather Lane, London. Photo: Tim Bowditch

The Shape We're In (Camden)

29 January–13 March 2011

Group | Offsite