Screening: Alexandre Singh, The Humans

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Screening: Alexandre Singh, The Humans


Part of Hot with Excess: A Season of Contemporary Artists’ Opera, a special season of live events exploring the collision of contemporary art and opera, featuring Sam Belinfante, Beatrice Gibson, Trulee Hall, Richard Kennedy, Benjamin Orlow, Marijke de Roover and Alexandre Singh.

The Humans (2013/14) is an ambitious three-hour, three-act play modelled on the comedies of the poet Aristophanes, a master of the Athenian Old Comedy, which is characterised by exuberant and often bawdy satire. An origins-of-man narrative, the play is set in a half-formed world, at the dawn of time and space, and tells the tale of two spirits named Tophole and Pantalingua, who would rather the Earth not be created at all and conspire to prevent it. In a battle against the Creator, who they think is a vain egomaniac, they accidentally cause a fall from grace, ultimately corrupting the eponymous humans—portrayed as a songful and statuesque Greek chorus— transforming them into the messy, imperfect beings we are today.

The Humans was originally developed and premiered at Witte de With, Rotterdam, over 2012 and 2013. It was later presented at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, as part of Performa 13 in 2013.

Doors will open at 14:00. Bar provided by Mezcal Union, serving drinks until 18:00.